About Subliminal

Subliminal Affirmations

In the 1970’s An experiment was carried out with a cinema audience by flashing a simple message an the screen once every five seconds for a fraction of a second, the conscious mind could not see it but the subconscious mind was able to absorb it. The message was I Want Popcorn and the consumption of Popcorn increased dramatically. Further experiments proved the technique to be so effective that it was considered to be both unethical and dangerous so Subliminal Advertising was banned. It is however widely believed that it was and possibly still is used by the Military in their training films.

Whilst it is illegal to subject an unsuspecting public to this technique, there is no reason why it can not be used with the knowledge and consent of an individual to help bring about desired changes.

A more recent development is that of Subliminal Audio, if simple audio messages or affirmations as they are known, are repeated at a volume too low for the conscious mind to make out what is being said the subconscious will understand them and be reprogrammed accordingly. The affirmations are accompanied by a masking or backing track which should be played at a normal listening volume. While the results are not as fast and dramatic as visual Subliminals if used over a period of time they are very effective.

Subliminal Messages are surprising, within a few days you start to notice changes in your thoughts and actions, this does not happen suddenly but as the changes are coming from inside one day you will realize that you are doing something differently today compared to the way you would have done it a few weeks ago.

Our Subliminal Audio Tracks

You can use these tracks almost anywhere at any time. In your MP3 player and listen to them around the house, on your Computer at home or at work, on your cellphone when out walking. Set one going overnight and absorb the messages while you sleep. Use Headphones or Speakers as you wish.

The tracks should be played at your normal comfortable listening volume that you would use for any other music. The Subliminal Messages should be just a faint whisper in the background. Your conscious mind will not be able to understand them but your subconscious will take them in and be reprogrammed.

The subliminal messages start about 5 minutes into the track and finish about 5 minutes before the end, this is to help relax you at the start and to let your mind come out of the session without stress. Try to listen to the whole track if you only listen to the first 20 minutes each time you will not get the full benefit.

Subliminal affirmations take time to re-programme your Subconscious Mind so you may not notice an immediate change but if you use them frequently after a week or two you should start to see a difference in yourself.

Please be considerate of those around you when playing the tracks, they may not share your goals and objectives but they will be exposed to the same suggestions.