Limiting Beliefs

Do you have Limiting Beliefs? I am sure that you do, we all have them. The better you get at recognizing them and eliminate them, also known as “Clearing” the more your life will improve. Let me give you an example of Limiting Beliefs.

Some years ago, I was part of a team installing a Fire Alarm system in quite a large building. One of the areas we were working in was a large hall. Halfway up one of the walls was a device that needed to be worked on. I asked one of the workers, also named Tony, if he would do the job. He looked at the device, looked at the ladder that we had available and said, “Sorry I won’t be able to reach it.” I said, “OK Tony don’t worry about it I will sort it out.” He carried on with what he was doing, and I took the Ladder, put it against the wall, climbed up and did the job. How was I able to do that? Well, Tony made two mistakes: First, he believed that it could not be done so he did not even try. He had a Limiting Belief. Second, he neglected to add his height to the height of the ladder; he was taller than me and could have done the job easily. You could say he underestimated his own ability. When you are faced with a task; be it Physical, Mental, or Spiritual, never start with the attitude that the task is not possible.

This is a limiting belief and will usually ensure that you never even try. Always add your height to the height of the ladder, always take the tools and support you have as your platform and add your abilities thus reaching higher than you ever thought possible.In the physical your support may be a Ladder In the Mental it may be Knowledge or Skills In the Spiritual it may be Belief, Faith, Attitudes, Emotions.

And remember. the Ladder won’t get the job done on its own. The expense of buying a Ladder, the effort of acquiring knowledge and skills, the emotional strain of acquiring the right beliefs and attitudes are of no use without that all-important ingredient. YOU.  And as you progress through life always try to extend your Ladder to reach even greater heights.

One way to start to clear your mind and eliminate your limiting beliefs is through “Self Identity Ho’o ponopono.. get started here with this Subliminal Audio Track.