About Mini Courses

All of my Mini Courses are focused on helping you in your journey of Personal Development. You can, of course take them simply for the pleasure of learning new things, but you will get the greatest benefit if you take some positive action and use the knowledge you have gained to start something new. You will get plenty of help along the way.

Mini Courses are fully developed tutorials on a variety of subjects. They have clear, concise lessons that lead you through the course in a logical progression. 

The emphasis is on simplicity. There are no lesson quizzes or additional learning aids and no coaching or tutoring interaction. However, that does not mean you are on your own. Once you have purchased a course you will be entitled to join the exclusive private Facebook group where you can interact directly with me, other members, and group experts who can advise on many different subjects.


Why should you take it?

Starting a podcast can have numerous benefits for building self-confidence and achieving personal development goals. Here are some key advantages:

1. Self-expression and communication skills:

2. Overcoming the fear of public speaking:

3. Knowledge acquisition and expertise development:

4. Networking and building relationships:

5. Personal growth through feedback and criticism:

6. Enhanced storytelling and creativity:

Whats it about?

Podcast Primer is a beginners guide to starting a podcast using the free Anchor. Anchor is owned by Spotify and has now been integrated into the Spotify platform.


What’s In It?

20 Over the shoulder Video Tutorials on how to get started with the free Anchor Podcast Platform


What does it cost?

The list price for this course is