Basic Money Skills Should Be Taught Earlier in Life

Do you stick to a budget every month? Most people don’t. Studies show that the average person doesn’t take the time to write out a budget. That’s too bad, because simple money skills like budgeting can remove so much stress from your life. Did you know that arguing about finances is one of the main causes for divorce? This is true all over the world. It doesn’t matter if a couple is wealthy or just scraping by, either.

Wealthy and poor people get divorced all the time because they can’t agree on how to handle their finances. Sadly, this isn’t something that’s taught early in life. It definitely should be. A lot of people have serious stress and anxiety over their financial situations. If they had learned when they were children how to respect money, their future adult selves would definitely thank them.

Budgeting Is Often Not Taught until College

You can take budgeting and basic finance classes in college. However, they’re not required for you to obtain most degrees. You won’t find many high schools or grade schools that teach our young people how to handle money responsibly. This just doesn’t make sense. The young mind is the perfect recipient for financial management skills. Think of the money, frustration and stress you would have spared yourself if someone would’ve taught you simple budgeting when you were a child. This is something we definitely learn too late in life, if we learn it at all. There are plenty of adults that don’t have a handle on their finances. You probably know someone that makes a great deal of money. Yet there always griping about their financial worries. That’s not as uncommon a situation as you might believe. Making a lot of money doesn’t mean you automatically know how to take care of it. There are plenty of grown-ups who would love to travel back in time so they could teach their younger selves basic financial management.

There’s Power in Writing Something Down

Do you write out your goals? Do you physically write out your budget every month and balance your checkbook? You might want to start doing that if you’d like to give your financial health a boost. There are plenty of studies that talk about the power of writing something down. It’s truly magical, and it might even scare you a little when you see how it works. Something happens in the brain when you take the time to grab a pen and write something down on a piece of paper. Whatever goes on mentally or physically inside your mind and body makes you look at what you wrote as a high priority. In almost magically makes it happen. People who write out their goals are much more likely to achieve them. When you take the time each month to manage your finances with pen in hand, you enjoy a considerably better chance at reaching your financial goals. If you have any young people in your life, talk to them about budgeting. Ask them if they write out a budget every month or if they even know what a budget is. Help them develop some basic financial skills. This can provide literally a lifetime of rewards that include a rosier financial picture and a lot less stress.

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