Here are the texts of the Affirmations on the Subliminal Tracks

Attract a Partner

I know what I want in a partner. I am comfortable asking for a date. I flirt with others. I recognize flirts easily. I smile. I compliment people openly. I walk with confidence. I grab attention. I am cute. I meet new people with ease. I dress suave and stylish. I notice when I’m looked at. I stand out in a crowd. I use every opportunity. I enjoy meeting people. I am social in groups. I make friends with everyone. I am interesting. I make eye contact. I am suave. I stand with confidence  have fun flirting.

Be More Decisive

I gracefully obtain all that I desire. I make quick decisions easily. I am very decisive. I think through every action. I ask for help when I need it. I express my ideas clearly. I am open about what I want. I use my resources to get what I want. I know how to get what I want. I am motivated to get what I want. Decisions are easy to make. I know exactly what I want. I research ways to get what I want. I make friends with key people. I respect my goals. I am confident in my actions. I go for what I want. I enjoy talking about my goals. I take every opportunity. I feel good getting what I want.

Better Memory 

I remember everything I need to. I retain all necessary information. I command my ability to remember events. I remember my past. I let memories come naturally. I absorb knowledge freely. I share my memories wisely. I remember information accurately. I always remember things. I remember everything when I need to. My memory is powerful. I recall information easily and accurately. My memory is infinite. I use my memories to make informed decisions. I remember what I want to. I trust my memory completely. My memory improves every day. I am calm when remembering things. I recall things quickly. I share my memories wisely.

Better Sleep

I relax easily. Sleep comes to me naturally. I sleep soundly. Sleep is effortless. I sleep deeply. My sleep is sound, peaceful and restful. I am healthy. Sleep restores my energy. I let go of the events of the day. I release my tension. I love to dream. My dreams are pleasant. I feel comfortable in my bed. I feel no fear. I look forward to the morning. Sleep refreshes me. I let go of my worries. It is now OK to sleep.

Business Success

I work towards success every day. I accept success. I believe in myself and my business. I accomplish all of my jobs. I treat customers and clients with respect. I consider all comments and questions. I balance my budget effectively. I handle new customers easily. I impress people with my work. I use new ideas to improve my business. I learn something every time I work. I welcome new business. opportunities. I invest wisely. I increase my value every day. I go the extra mile for my business. I establish long-lasting relationships. My work makes people happy. My work benefits society. I make my business worthwhile. I plan for the future. I am happy when I succeed. I manage money effectively. I use resources wisely. I advertise wisely. I welcome new ideas. I am decisive. I make important decisions easily. I choose the best decision quickly. I think sharply. I am calm. I am relaxed during stressful times. I focus on solving problems. I solve problems calmly. I am responsible.


I am creative in all that I do. I am inventive and eternally resourceful. I give ideas freely to others. Ideas come to my mind frequently. My intuition helps me. I am tremendously imaginative in everything. I create ideas liberally. My creativity benefits humanity. My mind produces artistic ideas. I experiment with my free thoughts. I say my ideas aloud and think about them. I can think ahead of my time. I create artistic new things. I think positive. I welcome criticism. I formulate ideas quickly and easily. I am only affected by my own opinions. I express myself freely. My thoughts evolve and expand my boundaries. I dwell on every question. My solutions are creative. I use my imagination. I receive ideas freely. I am innovative. 

Exam Success

I ask for help when needed. I use old tests to help me learn. Studying is easy for me. The correct answers come with ease. My aptitude increases daily. I know the material on my exams. I choose the correct answers quickly. I study every day. Studying is fun for me. I am wide awake. I keep myself rested. I recall lectures easily. I use questions to find answers. Answers come to me easily. I listen to my intuition. I write my ideas legibly. I take breaks when needed. Everything is easy. I break complex things into simple ones. I am relaxed during exams. It is now OK to learn quickly.

Handle Criticism

I take criticism positively. I critique my own work. I accept criticism from others. I use criticism to improve. I recognize and use beneficial acts and words. I receive comments with grace and charm. I examine criticism wisely. Criticism helps me succeed. Second opinions are welcome. I logically examine all criticism. I accept criticism over my work and myself. I find the point to all criticism. I handle remarks calmly. I build my character with criticism. I improve my skills with advice. I listen to positive criticism. I think calmly when angry. I give positive criticism. I criticize myself and others positively. I decide who I listen to.

Improve Public Speaking

My public speaking flows naturally. I deliver speeches with admirable skill. My knowledge flows easily when speaking. I have full confidence when speaking. I develop my points clearly. I always make eye contact with each person. My speeches are exciting and expressive. I think only about the speeches when speaking. I remember all portions of my speeches accurately. I use my speeches to express my wisdom fully. I speak in public like it were second nature. I speak respectfully to others. I use wit to keep the audience laughing. I will have the full attention of the audience. I explain my points clearly. I make my words flow in order. I pronounce my words clearly. I use body language to add flair. I am completely calm when speaking. I deal with distractions professionally.

Learn to Love Yourself

I love every aspect of myself. I love people for who they are. I accept who I am. I understand my abilities. I love myself more and more each day. I love learning new things. I express who I am. I remember to smile. I present myself as a role model. I am inspired. Every day I love myself more and more. I love myself above all others. I care for myself. I make beneficial decisions. I make friendships easily. I think positively of myself. I love myself more than others love me. I eat healthy foods. I listen to my body’s wants. I listen to my emotional wants. I listen to my mental wants. I listen to my physical wants. I keep myself health. I choose my looks.

Magic Money Magnet

I attract money. Money is good. Money is my friend. I give freely and with love. I give part of my income to those in need. I love money. I bless the money that I spend. Money I spend returns to me. multiplied. I am generous. I am grateful for my money. I am honest and ethical. I use my money wisely. I am in control. I save regularly. I expect prosperity. I always carry money with me. I am open to abundance. I spend money wisely. It’s easy to manage my finances. It’s okay to be wealthy and happy. My joy attracts financial resources. I am constantly adding to my income. Everything I touch returns riches to me. Dealing with money is as easy as breathing. I recognize resources I didn’t know I had. I always have enough money for all that I need.


 I am motivated. My motivation comes easily. I get things done early. I complete everything on time. I start every project early. I am happy working. I see the benefits to my work. I am motivated by my own will to succeed. I reward myself for finishing projects. I love my work. I am motivated for every goal. I improve my relationships. I do outstanding work. I am inspired from within. My motivation is greater than the ocean. I am enthusiastic. My success motivates me further. Success is my driving force in life. I prepare for everything. I learn fast. I love applying what I learn.

Positive Action

I make things happen. I act decisively. I am a doer. I do it now. I love my work. I am productive. I see the purpose of each task clearly. I perform challenging tasks with energy. I perform challenging tasks with focus. I can handle all that I receive. I know I am competent. I am powerful. I feel great. Energy surges through me. I am abundantly energetic. Life is fantastic. I am powerful. I am a leader. I make it happen. I tap into my higher power. I imagine success in detail. My ideas are constructive. My actions are constructive. I can improve any situation. My thoughts are positive. My thoughts are always followed by action. It is now OK to take positive action.

Self Confidence

I believe in myself 100 percent. I believe in my abilities. I am fully confident in myself. I think about the results of my actions. I rely upon my judgments. I believe wholly in myself. I am tremendously. confident. I accept who I am. I am happy when I succeed. I think of positive outcomes. I am my own person. I have infinite self-esteem. Motivation comes freely to me. I believe entirely in myself. My future is determined by me. I always think positively of myself. I control my own self-confidence. I work towards improving my life. I seek help when needed. I think about myself in positive ways. Every day I grow more confident in myself. I am confident in my dealings and feelings. I am more confident each day. My confidence is continually growing. It is now OK to experience supreme Self Confidence.

Self Esteem

I am confident in myself. I can do anything. I am very proud of myself. My self-esteem is very high. I am worth being alive. I have eternal confidence in myself. My self-esteem is infinite. I am limitless in my abilities. I attain everything I want. My self-esteem increases every day. I accept myself wholly. I accept every aspect of myself. I cherish what I say. I cherish what I do. I cherish what I believe. I love myself wholly. I believe in myself. I know who I am. I know my abilities. I speak positively of myself. I think positive thoughts of myself. I listen to my dreams. I follow my dreams. I attain my dreams. I am happy attaining my dreams. It is now Ok to have excellent self-esteem. It is now OK to love myself.

Stop Smoking

I am ready to quit smoking. I smell good as a non-smoker. Quitting smoking improves my health. I have more energy as a non-smoker. I feel good breathing clean air. I support people who quit smoking. I am motivated to quit smoking. I use help when needed to quit smoking. I control my life. I keep my habits healthy. I help people who ask for help to quit. I quit smoking when I want to. Cravings fade away easily. I am healthy after quitting smoking. My health improves when I am free from cigarettes. I am free from cigarettes. I remain smoke-free easily. I am able to quit smoking now. I replace smoking with healthier habits. I am free to stop smoking. It is now OK to stop smoking. It is now OK to quit smoking.

Stress Relief

I am free of stress. I think about positive events. I look forward to my future. I dwell on good things in my life. I am calm with everything I do. I control my stress level. I lower my tension consciously. I am relaxed. I respond to others calmly. I am calm in every situation. I relieve stress in positive ways. Every breath I take releases tension. I keep myself in positive environments. I keep my calm when feeling stress. I eat healthy during stressful times. I release anxieties towards others. I am easygoing. I make decisions easily during stress. I calm my mind easily. I am happy and relaxed. It is now OK to lead a stress free life. It is now OK to have a stress free day

Weight Loss

I drink plenty of water. I exercise often. Losing weight feels good. I enjoy varieties in food. I enjoy eating healthy. I achieve my desired weight quickly. I accept advice calmly. I am determined to lose weight quickly. I give myself rewards for losing weight. I can workout with others. I am healthier at my target weight. I control my appetite. I love and improve my body. I change diets when needed. I can see myself at my target weight. I eat right and exercise smart. I lose weight easily. I have a positive self-image. I enjoy losing weight. I am attaining my target weight. It is now OK to lose weight quickly.